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Take Your Business To The Next Level With Near Me

Boost your business! Near Me is a Perth based service provider connecting businesses with potential customers. Near Me assists businesses to increase their sales through various and multiple advertising mediums. Near Me is owned by The Marketing Mix, a Perth based digital marketing agency located in Osborne Park. Whom specialise in both digital and traditional marketing.

Developing a business to its full potential requires commitment, passion and a desire for growth. Many business owners/operators find it increasingly difficult to work both in and on a business to see it grow into the business they know it can be. It is here where Near Me comes into your businesses future plan.

Imagine being able to advertise in all the mediums that were seemingly available to corporations such as; Google, Social Media, Gumtree, TV, Radio, and Out of Home to name a few.

What would this exposure do for your businesses earning potential?

Website Design & Development

Stay Ahead Of The Competition
For us, website development is not only developing having a website presence, it is also about ensuring seamless user experiences based on your requirements. Ease of use across all devices and ability to convert is a must, whether it be by mobile, tablet or desktop.

Our website development team are focused on getting you the results you need for your website, working in combination between the design team and the technical support team to develop the best websites for each individual client. Our experts will use their wealth of experience to develop a seamless and efficient website that will have visitors converting in no time.

Throughout the consultation process we can provide you advice on the best services and how to maximise your return on investment. When you work with us, from the very beginning, our team will work tirelessly to ensure that your website is developed to specification, on-time and in budget.

Then once your site goes live, we can continue to support your online development by ensuring that you have access to a team of highly specialised digital marketers.

Our SEO experience will impress you. Almost as much as the results.

Increase Your Websites Ranking in Search Engines
Search engine optimisation is not just about promoting your company or website, it is also about helping your business grow, ensuring the customers can easily find you, and ensuring your company maintains its online presence.

What is Search Engine Optimisation and Why Do I Need It?
Search Engine Optimisation is a digital marketing process that uses several methods and techniques to improve how your website ranks in online search engines, such as Google or Yahoo/Bing. Whenever you search for a business or service, search engines decide where your businesses will be placed based on the relevance of your website content and whether it meets specific SEO criteria.

Search Engine Optimisation can help your business by; increasing your business’ online visibility, getting more visitors to your website and increasing business through your website.

The Near Me SEO Team aim to make your website more relevant and more authoritative to search engines. In doing so, we will also make your business more visible and accessible on online search engines.

Google Adwords Management

Get ready for an almost instant stream of visitors?
With our Google-accredited consultants on the case, a Google AdWords management campaign means highly qualified website traffic. Lots of it. We’re ready and waiting to deliver. There’s a right way to go about Google AdWords management. And there’s a wrong way. In fact, with so many search-term variables and ROI factors to consider, there are lots of wrong ways.

Experience tells us that the fastest, most sustainable results come from a big-picture approach. That extends from the time we take to understand your business, goals and industry, through to:

Accurately researching the most effective search term combinations

  • Comprehensively tracking, measuring and continually refining campaigns
  • Fine-tuning everything, from the geographical location to the timing of your Google AdWords ads
  • Increasing click-throughs to your website and maximising conversion rates
  • Reducing acquisition costs and improving your ROI on an ongoing basis
  • As targeted, responsive and cost effective as it gets.

Our Perth-based Google AdWords consultants can have your campaign live in days, bringing quality traffic to your website in as little as 24 hours. And the best bit? You only pay when someone clicks through to your website.

Social Media Management

Increase Your Social Media Presence
Social media is arguably one of the best way for businesses to connect with customers. Over 60% of Australians are now on using Facebook, plus 5 million active users of Instagram; social media presence is a must have for any business.

Social Media Marketing campaigns can help your business by targeting your specific audience through these channels to drive your business to an increase in sales. We can assist with campaign management, targeted advertising as well as management of your social media.

Logo Design & Rebranding

Give Your Business A Fresh new Look
Does your logo look & feel outdated? When was the last time you asked a client if your brand was memorable and distinctively recognisable? Well this is where Near Me comes into frame. Our in-house graphic design team are experts in logo design and brand identity.

A logo should make a great first impression as it’s often the first interaction your business has with the customer. Branding or rebranding is an extremely important factor for the growth of your business. Effective company branding attracts new customers, sets you apart from your competition, shows your professionalism and contributes towards business recognition and trust worthiness.

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